1More iBFree Headphone Review – Price In India

Written by Prasenjit Dey

A perfect companion on your run but don’t have higher expectations

The 1More brand becomes popular slowly, this brand belongs from the USA. Now we have a single driver in-ear headphone and this is a Bluetooth earphone. Now let’s see how it perform.

Package Contain

in the first impression out of the box, we get a  normal micro-USB cable for charging, two pairs of ear-bud and 2 pairs of headphone ear-holder or known as silicone wings.

How to setup

The manual is a 2 13/16” white square. The first 16 pages are written in English and the remainder of the book is in additional languages: I suspect Spanish, french, German, and two foreign character languages suspected to be both Chinese and Japanese. The first four pages have really useful diagrams displaying how to turn on/off, how to charge, how to change the ear tips and how to properly position the earbuds in the ears. When you press the power button, on the in-line controller, for 3 seconds the device will turn on, a blue LED will flash.

If you hold the same button for ~4-5 seconds it will turn off, a red light will flash and the device will turn off. The device should pair automatically when turned on (red/blue LED flashing). The manual notes there should be a red light with charging and this should turn off when charged. The manual promises full charge within about 2 hours and can support a 115-minute quick charge, which should give you 1 hour of playback. There is 3 buttons on the in-line controller, volume up, power/multi-function button, volume down. The multi-function button has different functions in different modes. In call mode, you can answer/end call, decline call (hold button), redial previous number (press button x2). While in music mode you can increase/decrease volume with short presses of the volume buttons, you can advance Next/Previous by holding the button and play/pause with the multi-function button. The device supports IOS battery widget, multi-device connection (I never use this feature). Finally the manual details the Limited Warranty, a toxic substances chart. It is important to note that there is some lead in the battery, the charging cable and within part of the headphone but this meets European standards. there does not appear to be any other toxic substances. There is no listed battery size (mAh).

There is no promised/suggested length of use. If you can get 1 hour of playback with 15 minutes of charge, I suspect 1 hour of charge=4 hours of playback and a total of around 8 hours playback. We shall see.

Design: Rating 7/10

1More iBFree earphone not so much looks at. It just a standard design like neckband style but color form factor different. Metal finish housing driver and the device you can choose between these color ed, green, blue and space gray colors.

Don’t need to worry anything some how it drops into the water because it comes with an IPX4 rating which ensures that it is water, sweat and dust resistant. Both the ear tips and the fins are replaceable.

Splash Proof

Also, you can control song from the navigation

Control and Charging point

Performance: Rating 7/10

I used the earphones mainly while on a run or when I was commuting. For every other need, I had my Audio-Technica headphones. The thing I really loved about the iBFree is the isolation is provided. Once the ear tips and fins are perfectly aligned, it provides just enough isolation to ensure that you are still aware of the background traffic noise, in a way that it is not overwhelming the current music that is playing.

When listening to podcasts, I had absolutely no complaints. The vocals were crisp and even when listening to it in the noisy Mumbai locals I had no issues with the audio volume.

The music that I heard most with the iBFree was my workout music which comprises of multiple Eminem playlists, some fast AR Rahman numbers, a bit of Dido and Porcupine Tree. The earphones performed well for most of these songs and were most responsive in the mids. While listening to some Porcupine Tree tracks such as Buying New Soul and Arriving Somewhere but not here, the lower frequency sections sounded quite flat and there wasn’t any nuance in the rendition. The same was true of a lot of Pink Floyd songs as well, where the lower frequency sounds were just not audible.

Available colors

Call Quality: Rating 7.5/10

Call quality was good on the 1More iBFree. The person on the other end had no qualms hearing me clearly. I noticed that at times, even though my beard was blocking the mic area, the voice did carry through without any hitch.

Battery Life: Rating 7.5/10

The 1More iBFree earphone took around two hours to charge completely and it gave a good 7-8 hours of listening time. The standby time was strictly alright as I realized that if I did not use the earphone after a couple of days, the charge would drop dramatically. But thanks to a decent charge rate, I wouldn’t complain much about it.

Verdict and Price in India

The iMore IBFree is a great earphone if your main requirement is a musical companion on your run. I loved the stability it provided with its fitting, and not once did it slip out of my ears during my runs. Thanks to the light weight, never once did it weigh down on my ear cartilage and introduced any kind of fatigue, something I have noticed with a lot of earphones. At a street price of Rs 3,149, it is definitely worth considering.

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