5 Things You’re Doing Wrong With Your Website SEO

In the process of search engine optimization of one’s website, many times, businesses fall into negative traps with SEO mistakes and end up in no profits. Online marketing is not easy and required lots of time, research and dedication, so your website can move up several pages and finally get a top rank and get displayed on the first page and finally the first place of the page.

Also some websites doing great in Google News field such as UnionJournalism, Forbes, Android Authority.

Popular SEO Mistakes and Ways on How to Avoid Them

  1. Highlighting one’s brand name/term: Prominent players in the field like Google have toned down their presence as a tool to garner more PPC! This is something your site could easily fall prey to! Therefore, ensure that you make your brand term more prominent in its presence, as otherwise it can unassumingly benefit your competitor.
  2. Designing an unfriendly website with SEO: Search engine optimized website brings with it a great deal of benefits. From getting new visitors to global presence; it does all this and more.
  3. Choosing broken links and too many generalized keywords: Having too many broken links and generalized keywords gives an impression to Google that your website is not well maintained.
  4. Meta key-word stuffing: This method was one of the most popular of the SEO ways of the bygone era. This was all about stuffing a pile of keywords into the meta tag and then get its search benefits. But, in the current scenario, this trait is more-or-less obsolete, as is merely good to keep a track of words that need to be optimized.

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  • Duplicate Content: In the early times, the search engines, as the then content editor, never bothered about noticing the content duplication. Copyright laws, since then, have become very strict and it’s best to avoid any fibbing from other sites. Also, this ends up decreasing the credibility of your site.
  • Comment Code Stuffing: Webmasters, a couple of years back, would inflate the density of the comments filled by anyone. They would scribble some words unnecessarily to add number count. This is hardly given any attention to by the current search engines.
  • Automated Directory Submission: There are very few directories of this sort that hold any value any longer. This is because it is very easy to manipulate links for positive research now. So, submitting your site through automated services this way is a waste of time and money.

Bid adieu to Old SEO techniques

It’s time to bid a farewell to certain techniques of SEO that were long followed, but can’t be done any longer.

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