6 Best Gaming Laptops To Buy Under Rs.40000

Written by Prasenjit Dey

6 Best Gaming Laptops To Buy Under Rs.40000

Roll back a few years and you will find high-end graphics processing capabilities in only the most expensive flagships of laptop manufactures which as you have guessed, used to cost a fortune. But in the last few years, we have seen a dramatic change in this sector.

Manufacturers are now offering powerful dedicated graphics and a moderate amount of memory in most of the higher budget laptops. Even Intel’s integrated graphics has grown leaps and bounds to act as a good enough GPU. So, if you are planning to get a powerful machine in a budget, this is high time. And to help you out in figuring which device you should buy, here’s our comprehensive list of the top 6 budget gaming laptops. And while you are at it, do not forget to check out these amazing tatacliq coupons for some exciting discounts.

Acer Aspire E5-575G Laptop

The first time you look at the Aspire E5-575Gs specs you might not get too impressed by the 6th gen Intel Core i3 processor. But do not let the CPU specs bum you from getting to know the full potential of this device. Powered by a Nvidia GeForce 940MX with 2 GB of video memory, this laptop has some serious graphics processing power.

This laptop comes with a 4 GB of RAM which is pretty standard in this range. What is exciting about this model is that you have the option to upgrade the RAM to as much as 32 GB which should be able to handle most of the demanding operations.

Unfortunately, this laptop does not come with the Windows 10 pre-installed. It rather uses a Linux OS which is okay ( and probably better ) for coders and professionals but not really for the laid-back gamer. So, to get the most out of this device, you’ll need to buy the Windows 10 which definitely is not cheap.

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Asus Vivobook X507UA-EJ483T

The Asus Vivobook X507UA-EJ483T is an absolute beauty. Before even thinking of its gaming capabilities, you will be mesmerized by this stunning laptop thanks to its premium design. It is also extremely lightweight and the keyboard is perfectly spaced. Also, the display is also pretty much impressive and have a stunning 170-degree viewing angle to help you and your buddy have a perfect multiplayer experience.

This model of the Vivobook series does not feature a dedicated graphics which might be a deal breaker for some. It is true that this GPU is not comparable with the likes of Nvidia 940 MX or AMD Radeon R7 series but still it can run most mid range games.

There is Windows 10 Home version pre-installed in this device. You also get 4GB of onboard memory which is again pretty ordinary but once again you must consider the price range. All in all, it may be a choice for a casual gamer but certainly not for the hardcore gamers.

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Asus R558UQ-DM542D 15.6-inch Laptop

With the Asus R558UQ-DM542D, we are entering the realm of true gaming power. This laptop comes with a Nvidia 940 MX which comes with a 2 GB GDDR5 RAM. This means you get OpenGL 4.5 and Microsoft Direct X 12 support which should be enough for most games.

This laptop comes with a powerful 7th generation Intel Core i5 processor which comes with a clock speed of 2.3 GHz. You also get the standard 4GB DDR4 RAM which is not the best, but still good enough for this price range.

Just like the Acer Aspire E5, you will again have to compromise in terms of the operating system. There is no Windows 10 pre-installed and you start with the basic DOS. Once again the cost of the Windows take the actual value a bit higher, but still, if you consider the high-end specs this laptop has, it may be worth spending a tad higher.

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Dell Inspiron 15 3567

From the makers of the famous Alienware series of gaming laptops, the Inspiron 15 3567 is one of the best choices for the budgeteers to get a decent gaming experience. The graphics unit is handled by an AMD Radeon M340 processor which has a video memory of 2 gigabytes. Though it is not the greatest GPU out there, it is still one of the very best in this range.

You also get an Intel Core i5 processor clocked at 3.2 GHz. Again the RAM size is restricted to only 4 GB which is okay at this range.

You will miss Windows 10 on this device as it is not included. However, the device runs on Ubuntu which is one of the most popular Linux OS. But for a gamer, the one and only choice in terms of OS is Windows 10. So, be prepared to spend an extra few bucks if you are planning to get this laptop.

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Lenovo Ideapad 130

If you are planning to get a laptop that is powerful enough to handle some of the popular games and yet costs less than most of its competition, then the Lenovo Ideapad 130 is your ideal pick. This device does not feature a dedicated GPU unit but depends upon the Intel 620 UHD integrated graphics. But don’t think it is a pushover as this GPU can handle a lot more than what you are imagining.

One of the most recent Intel CPUs in this list, the Intel Core i5 8250U ( 8th generation ), powers this device. The clock speed of this CPU is 1.6 GHz but it can go up to as much as 3.4 GHz in overclocked mode.

This laptop also sports a standard 4 GB DDR4 RAM which can be expanded to up to 8 GB at a later stage. And thankfully it comes with Windows 10 preloaded so you need not worry about purchasing it separately.

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HP 15-BS658tx 2017

Finally, we sum up this list with an HP product, the HP 15-BS658tx, is a very economical choice. The device sports a dedicated AMD Radeon 540 GPU which has 2 gigabytes of VRAM. It is surely not the most powerful GPU in this range but certainly a very economical choice.

The 6th generation Intel Core i3 delivers a competitive performance but it can be a bottleneck in some demanding titles. The RAM in this device is, however, is very impressive. The 8GB DDR4 RAM lets you breeze through multiple tasks at once.

Another big plus in this device is that unlike most laptops in this range, it offers a Full HD display which takes the visual appeal of your games to a whole new level. Unfortunately, this laptop comes only with DOS which means an additional purchase of Windows 10 is mandatory for gamers.

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Gaming on a budget used to be a far-fetched dream only a few years ago. But from what we have discussed in this article, it is very clear that even at a budget as low as 40,000, you can grab some excellent devices that should run most of the popular titles without much trouble. So, what’s holding you back? Go ahead and bring home your dream gaming beast without breaking the bank.












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