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6 Impressive Android Pie Features You Should Need To Know


Android P or Android Pie or Android 9.0 that has extra ordinary features that you never seen again. Android P beta launch in first in Google Pixel device and after then Essential phone now in Nokia roll out Android P beta version on their phones. Android P has new navigation option also Android P features with AI function.

6 Impressive Android Pie Features You Should Need To Know

Here I describe what is the 6 impressive Android Pie features, so i discuss about Navigation Gestures, App Action, Interactive Recent Apps, App Slices, Smart Battery Use, Screenshot. So let the explanation start.

Navigation Gestures:

Similar like iPhone X here in Android P or Android Pie you have seen same navigation features but more refined. Android P made the home button a slim dash. Also to get into the recent apps menu, you have to slide up the home button, and you will find full-screen previews of the recent apps. If you make the second slide, then it will bring you the apps screen.

App Actions:

6 Impressive Android Pie Features

What is App Action? App Action is a machine-learning powers to take the App actions to feature to a new level. Hence, as a result, it can now predict what you actually want to do with an app. Android P will understand your actions on the basis of particular patterns. For example, If you call your boss every date at a particular time. Then Android Pie will soon start suggesting that action.

Interactive Recent Apps:

Mostly this style of Interactive Recent Apps copy of iPhone, however it has some feature you can copy from an App window from the recent apps menu and paste it to another App window directly from the Apps screen.

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App Slice:

App Slices is another impressive Android Pie Features. if you type “Lyft” in the Google search bar, then it will start showing specific actions. Such as it will let you book a ride home or to work. Or you can check the price of a ride.

Smart Battery:

The AI feature on Android P shut off unwanted app, that  increase battery life and more things. The smart Battery feature decides which apps can get battery access the most which completely depends on your most used apps. On the other hand, the rarely used apps will get limited battery access.

Screenshot Improvement:

Another time this feature adopt from iOS 11.1. You can take a screenshot by pressing and holding the power button, and you will be able to take a screenshot by tapping on the shortcut that appears on the screen.


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