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Corsair Void PRO RGB Gaming Headset Review


ow days everyone, who loves gaming and every gamer or tech buddy has dream of huge collection of gadgets and accessories and every person’s want to showcase their branded collection next to his friends, here is the Corsair Void PRO RGB Gaming Headset, this headset comes with in three versions

  1. Multi-Platform
  2. USB RGB
  3. Wireless

Corsair Void PRO headset comes different colors accent, black and white, black and red.





The body of the headset two medium-sized earcups, both are connected via a  solid metal hinge which allows you to rotate earcups for 90 degree, also earcups pads are can be removed and replaced in the of excess ware, but in this headset has a problem of grip to your head when you’re move around of its own accord, and require frequent adjustment to remain in place.

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Speaker Driver and Technology Features

Corsair Void PRO headset has 50mm driver with Dolby 7.1 support. The speaker frequency response is 20Hz – 20KHz, speaker sensitivity 107db (+/-3db). headphone’s impedance is 32K Ohms @ 1 KHz.

Audio and Mic Quality Performance

This device has balance audio quality, even if you’re using for long sessions there is no issue for hardcore gamers. Main issues with the headset are with the microphone, and the lack of any real grip against the head.

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Corsair Void RGB Wireless Performance

if you want to connect the headset through wireless then you need a USB dongle, every wireless headset has decent range without static interface, Corsair told that you can get 12m of range. In the real world the Void failed to drop out while in the same room as the PC.

Corsair Void PRO Software

The Corsair Void PRO has RGB illumination and possible to control through the Corsair CUE software, also you can download this software by clicking here

It’s matured well with time, and is one of the most complete and robust pieces of companion software on the market. Setting up the Void is easy, with options to adjust the equaliser, RGB settings and profiles. You can also synchronise the RGB lighting with other Corsair peripherals for some rather cool effects.

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