Cost For Being A Wealthy Affiliate

Cost For Being A Wealthy Affiliate

Recent times, Affiliate marketing is on growth and many companies are using it as the main business strategy to generate leads and convert these leads as customers. Affiliate networking sites help you there. An affiliate network site acts as a bridge between the merchants who creates the affiliate programs along with products for programs and Affiliates or publishers who sell or share their products to generate leads. Do you want to get into affiliate marketing and don’t know where start? There is some website such as Wealthy Affiliate and others which helps enthusiast through coaching and some mentorship.

What is Wealthy Affiliate?

Wealthy Affiliate is an online community which has over 100,000 members as active and also trains the affiliate marketers. It was founded by Kyle and Carson in 2005, has grown into one of the best rated and best community to teach the tactics of digital marketing and online business to the aspirants. They provide the best resources to the people to learn through the concepts of affiliate marketing.

It aims to train and teach many beginners in the marketing field through best possible resources explaining how to fix everything to achieve the target. Through the Wealthy Affiliate, one can learn how to find a niche market, how to perform best keyword research and steps to create a blog along with the concepts to put up in the blog along with the getting free picture to the blog.

Prices of Wealthy Affiliate

Wealthy Affiliate mainly comes with two membership options. They are:

  1. Free Membership: This is membership which allows the users to go through the basic training sessions like how to build an affiliate site and how to drive traffic to the affiliate site build by you. The free members will have access to 2 free WordPress website themes. Also, the user can earn 15% of commission if they can promote Wealthy Affiliate through their site. But the free membership is just glimpse of Wealthy Affiliate but to unlock all features, one has to go for premium membership.
  2. Premium Membership:  As said to unlock all features of Wealthy Affiliate including all the affiliate training available through it. Cost of premium membership is $49 per month and $359 if paid on yearly basis. Through premium membership, users can get at the commission of 50% for promoting Wealthy Affiliate through their affiliate site or blogs. To make serious money, one has to choose premium membership to get access to all features.

Earning through Wealthy Affiliate

There are two ways that members of the Wealthy Affiliate can make money through this platform. They are as follows:

1.   One is building their own affiliate website through all the course materials provided by the Wealthy Affiliate and get traffic on to the affiliate site to make the affiliate commission from your site.

2.   Another way is to promote Wealthy Affiliate itself. It is already discussed that the free member can get 15% commission and the premium member can make commission up to 50% by promoting Wealthy Affiliate through their Affiliate Website.

How worth is a Wealthy Affiliate for their cost?

Wealthy Affiliate is one of the highly rated affiliate networks and most followed training course when you search over the internet. But, does it worth all hype and high rating that are actually being projected? Most of the reviews would be positive reviews and encourage readers to use Wealthy Affiliate. But here are some points that should be noted about the Wealthy Affiliate:

  • Most of the good reviews and high ratings of the Wealthy Affiliate are due to their members. It is already discussed that members would get commission up to 50% (for premium members) by promoting Wealthy Affiliate. It is obvious that, while learning the marketing skills from the Wealthy Affiliate, they would promote it as it offers a very large commission as many affiliate networks would offer around 5-30% as commission.
  • Another drawback of the Wealthy Affiliate is its SEO tools and website themes. Though it offers all the themes that are available WordPress for free to their student to build their own website, it should be noted that sometimes WordPress even offers some good themes at much lower prices.
  • SEO tools and techniques taught by the Wealthy Affiliate are comparatively very old and sites back to an era before 2012. With the increase in technology, there are many advanced SEO tools available in the market though which many digital marketers are making their rank higher in the search results. Keywords are much easier to find with these advanced techniques which are not taught by Wealthy Affiliate.
  • The main advantage one can find through this community is the various courses available. These courses will help the beginners to understand the basics of affiliate marketing and digital marketing. However, these courses are available only to some extent through free membership. To avail access to all courses, one has to pay $49 per month or $359 per year to get a premium membership.

Final Words

Wealthy Affiliate, a good platform for beginners to learn the concepts of affiliate marketing and digital marketing through training and mentorship. However, Wealthy Affiliate courses look outdated when concerned with some courses like SEO skills. Just writing quality content with some moderate keywords is not enough to higher in the rankings. There are many advanced techniques to choose the best keywords for SEO and hence It needs an improvement in the price it is collecting.

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