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Customize Your OnePlus Always On Display With Two Apps

Customize Oneplus Always on Display

Oneplus is the most popular brand from China, Now you can customize your Oneplus device whatever you have OnePlus 6/5T/5. You just need to download these two app mention below, just download and install on you device.

Customize Oneplus Always on Display on your OnePlus 6/5T/5.

andromeda ★ substratum stock rootless

Substratum theme engine

Firstly, download both of the APKs (or just one if you want) linked in the XDA thread below. These will then be enabled via Substratum. Once you’ve got those downloaded, navigate to Substratum where you’ll then be able to enable them both.

Customize Oneplus Always on Display

Make sure to enable Always on Display on your OnePlus 6 (or other smartphones) first to really show it off. It also works on the ambient display! If you’re having issues getting it working, follow the steps below.

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After that, you should be able to see it! The developer of the theme also aims to add a lot more color options and maybe other additions in the future as well.


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