Google Acquires GraphicsFuzz to Test Graphics Drivers!

google acquired graphicsfuzz
Written by Prasenjit Dey

Google Acquires GraphicsFuzz to Test Graphics Drivers!

Here is the reason behind why Google acquires GraphicsFuzz because, GraphicsFuzz is a company who builds a framework for testing the security and reliability of Android Graphics drivers.

From a Google spoleperson confirmed that the news to us but declined to provide any further information even they declined to provide any details about that price of acquisition!

The GraphicsFuzz team explains that today’s announcement they “GraphicsFuzz has pioneered the combination of fuzzing and metamorphic testing to yield a highly automatic method for testing graphics drivers that quickly finds and fixes bugs that could undermine reliability and security before they affect end users,”

In the fractured Android ecosystem, graphics drivers are one of the many pieces that make a phone or tablet work — and when they don’t, it’s often immediately obvious to the user. But broken drivers also expose a phone to security exploits. GraphicsFuzz uses the same kind of fuzzing technique.

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