Hidden Text SEO Techniques!

5 Advance SEO Techniques To Rank Your Website
Written by Prasenjit Dey

Hidden Text SEO Techniques!.

Hidden text SEO means is a kind of technique that specific keywords not visible for everyone but search crawlers can read and it’s help in ranking. Most of search engines now days consider that hidden text as spam. Although some Pro web designers make some changes on website to crawl their blog flawlessly.

But reality is hidden text Google can easily caught, so you should not to use hidden text on your blog to get ranking, hidden text may be able to trick with search engines for limited amount of time. Anything that hides text from a browser, but is still be indexed by the search engine spiders. But use hidden text can cause search engine to permanently ban your website.

Colour matching technique.

Spammers use to create hidden text is to make the font the as same colour of the background. But search engines easily caught this type of trick.

Example – White background with white color texts.

Using (div) to hide text

If you’re use (div) in text editor on your WordPress text editor and set div style to “display: none” will hide all the text content. Some SEO consider it hidden text. This technique mostly creating menus. And it is also difficult to detect because that it uses style sheets.

<div style=’display: none”>Here your text</div>

NoScript tags

Noscript tags can help to gain in ranking but tag is display when the user’s browser will not view scripts

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