Hide WhatsApp Media from Gallery on Android

Written by Prasenjit Dey

Hi guys, Do you want to hide your WhatsApp images or videos from the gallery app of your device; without using any third party application. Then just read the whole article, and you are good to go. So let’s get started.

How to Hide WhatsApp Media from Gallery

Whenever you received images or videos on WhatsApp. Then it will automatically appear inside your default gallery app or any other third party apps that you are using for exploring your Media. Right? So if you don’t want people to see these pictures or even videos, there is a simple way to hide it.

If you are an android user then, navigate to WhatsApp media folder using any file manager that you want. My personal favorite is ES file explorer. And for example, also I will be using ES File Explorer.

Generally, WhatsApp’s default download folder is available in internal storage. Now, go to internal storage in ES File Explorer or if you have changed the default folder to SD Card, then simply go to SD Card in ES File Explorer.

Usually, it can be found under the SDcard section > Whatsapp Folder > Media. And after going under the Media folder of WhatsApp. You will see a sub-folder called ‘Whatsapp Images’.

For hiding Images:

Now all you have to do is just rename this ‘Whatsapp Images’ folder by adding a period ( . ), or you can say dot; in front of it, means before the name “WhatsApp Images” folder. After that, your final folder name will become “.WhatsApp Images”.

For hiding Videos:

You can do the same thing for videos; means just rename the “Whatsapp Videos” folder by adding a period ( . ), or you can say dot; in front of it, means before the name “WhatsApp Videos” folder. After that, your final folder name will become “.WhatsApp Videos”.

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For hiding Documents, Wallpaper, Animated Gifs, Audio, Voice notes, Stickers, Profile Photos from any of your folder you want: You just have to rename the following folders with dot or period (.) before their names.

  • WallPaper
  • WhatsApp Animated Gifs
  • WhatsApp Audio
  • WhatsApp Documents
  • WhatsApp Profile Photos
  • WhatsApp Stickers
  • WhatsApp Voice Notes

All these folders can be hidden with the above method.

And when you go back to your gallery, you will find the “WhatsApp images folder” vanished. Like it was never. If not vanished, then just reboot your device.

And if you want to get it back then similarly to get it back, all you have to do is revert the changes; means you just have to remove the dots (.). If you cannot see your folder, then you will have to turn on, show hidden items options. Now remove the period from the folder name, and it will be visible inside the gallery once again.

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The straightforward thing is if you add a dot (.) before any folder name then it will be hidden. Then the folders that you have hidden before can’t get again on the WhatsApp folder. So you just have to enable hidden items option.

However, this thing will be possible with a single tap on WA mods. One of the best and fastest app is GBWhatsApp APK in my case. I recommend you download this app for better privacy control and awesome features.

Or else you can do it by using this method. Hope this tutorial helps you out.

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