How to Make Your Old Android Phone Faster

Written by Prasenjit Dey

Since when Android was launched we getting more addicted and Android OS the most popular operating system. Why and how it becomes popular?

The reason behind how it’s become popular

The Android development start on 2003, Andi Rubin is the founder of the Android operating system but that moment Android operating system not getting success, but some years later Google buy Android OS and it’s now become most usage operating system. Now let’s move into our topic.

Way to make your old smartphone faster

Here is the to make you phone faster 1. Root, 2. Non-Root

1.Rooting process

Rooting may void your warranty but some companies allow. Like – Xiaomi. After rooting your device you can install a custom which gives you similar stock ROM experience, but one condition before you start rooting process for your specific device first make sure you downloaded your stock ROM because in some cases if your phone stuck in bootloop then you can get back through flashing stock ROM.

In some cases, your device may not remain any custom development on XDA Forum. Although you can root your device and delete some bloatware, bloatware app or pre-installed app slowing down your phone.

Go and search on Xda forums by phone model name

2.Non-Root process

Here is the step by step guide you can make your phone faster. First go to setting – about device/device info – tap on Build number (7times)

After entering in Developer option scroll down and find Window animation scale options, and make it 0.5x speed or off

then turn back and scroll down and find again Background process limit and select No Background Process also select Don;t keep activies, which is allows your phone to stop background app process, background app process downing your phone.

Then turn back and select the storage option and wait for the calculation, after calculation completed chose the Cached data – Tap on it – Clear the data

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