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LeTv Le 2 Getting System Update in China

letv le 2 system update
Written by Prasenjit Dey

LeTV is close to the edge of the crash, but the accident is that the LeTV mobile phone system is still updated. A few days ago, Le Max 2 unexpectedly upgraded to the new EUI 6.0 , the change is quite large, and now Le 2 also got EUI 6.0.

Another rumors spread few years back after bankrupt maybe they will came back after funding.

How To Update LeTv Le 2 Smartphone?

Open the update log, which is exactly the same as EUI 6.0 obtained by Le Max 2. The biggest highlight is support for face recognition, including lock screen, application lock, and privacy lock. At the same time, in browser, spot search, desktop, theme Stores, housekeepers, calendars, and other functional points have quite powerful new features or optimizations.

The screenshots are updated immediately after the evidence is saved, all the way is very smooth, including the download speed is very fast.

Note: If you're using in India you can try by using VPN

letv le 2 system update letv le 2 system update

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