New Nova Launcher 6.0 Beta Download With New Features!!

nova launcher 6.0 beta download
Written by Prasenjit Dey

New Nova Launcher 6.0 Beta APK Download With New Features!!

Customization on Android everyone want because most of peoples getting bored af due to seems daily same UI without any customization features. Even I also getting bored . Launchers that we everyone used at first time is Go Launcher but now days bigger drawback of old device can’t handle it.

Popular launcher Nova has been updated on Google Play, and with this update you can see more customization options that we had before.

The Nova Launcher 6.0 Beta Version made few changes that add even more customization to certain elements of the screen and the settings. Below you can see what they make changes in Nova Launcher 6.0 Beta version.

Nova Launcher 6.0 Beta APK Features

  • Improved organization of settings: the options of the dock are within the desktop
  • New search bar in settings
  • More options of adaptive icons, including custom form
  • New option to link the size of the icons of the box of applications with the one of the icons of the folders
  • New window styles for folders
  • New background styles for folders
  • The box’s search bar can be customized like the launcher’s
  • Added option to choose vertical or horizontal scroll in folders
  • Modifying the size of the icons no longer requires Nova Prime.

nova launcher 6.0 beta apk download

Nova Launcher 6.0 Beta APK Download

In addition, brings the great advantage for users who did not purchase the premium version that they will be able to modify the size of the icons for the first time, something that, sometimes, is a must.

   Nova Launcher 6.0 Beta Download

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