The Philosophy and Methodology of Educational Technology

Educational Technology

The practical possibility and the dimension of technology-based education are significant. Students have the opportunity to understand the principles and methods of curriculum better and effectively using technology. Educational Technology has become essential in educational institutions as technology is developing at a faster rate like never before. Introducing technology in education can actually help students acquire cognitive technology skills. Educational institutions are trying to focus on the integration of technological knowledge and technological activities together which can result in the acquirement of knowledge by the students that are uniquely technological.

The Design of Educational Technology

Educational experts are working on designing activities that are not only integrative but also provide the students to identify the acquired knowledge to use that knowledge in practical rather than as a theoretical memory stored in our brains. Educational Technology should be based on and designed for an educational curriculum considering these factors in mind:

• The role of technology in everyone’s day to day life

• The innovation of technology using technology

• The perception of people toward technology: its impact on the environment and culture

• The use of technology to meet human’s wants and needs

The faculties of B.Tech colleges in Bihar are working towards the design of an educational curriculum considering these factors in mind.

The methodology of Educational Technology

The methodology of Educational Technology is particularly significant in the field of liberal arts. Research has found out that there are a number of methods of doing technology for education and the benefit of students. The heightened awareness in technology for the students helps them understand that the teachers need to use relevant methodologies; apparently, the teachers of M.Com Course are looking forward to the usage of technology as an educational medium in their classrooms. The educational specialists ensure that the cognitive skills are important in acquiring technological literacy.

The Philosophy of Educational Technology

The approach to the philosophy of thinking and doing has been questioned and redefined by Educational Technology. Educational Technology does not lack practicality and offers one of the best possibilities for the improvement of education. Educational Technology has a philosophy for “what to do”, “how to do” and “why”; it also involves the discipline structures of the students and the content of what to be taught to the students. Educational Technology understands the issues in education at the deepest level and is starting to produce progress in the field of education around the world. It is important to understand that educational technology has produced changes in the society since education is a product of social demands. The implications of the society and humans about technology are very necessary for Educational Technology. The philosophy of Education Technology depends on the factors such as elements of the society and the nature of technology, the raw materials used and those who benefit with that particular technology. Educational Technology makes sure that the implementation of it in educational institutions does not affect the natural world in any way. 

The Ultimate role of Educational Technology

Educational Technology has been introduced in many countries for quite a period of time now. There has been significant progress in the students’ learning process and also resulted in effective teaching strategies. The introduction of Educational cloud in the campus, like B.Tech colleges in Bihar is one of the recent developments and implements of technology in education. It is important for a nation to develop an educational technology such that the practical knowledge acquired by the students will serve the country’s needs, and work on creating and developing unique things for the country.Anand VM

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