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[Updated] Youtube Venced v13.23.59 APK Download

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[YTV APK] YouTube Vanced v13.23.59 Download

Today, we are going to explore one of the best mod of YouTube known as YouTube Vanced v13.23.59. YouTube Vanced is a modified version of YouTube app which allows a user to play music or videos in the background. This app comes with lots of features. So, let’s know about YouTube Vanced Apk.

Most amazing video sharing platform is Youtube and there are no doubt about that Youtube is the best place to watching videos. Talking about watching Youtube videos online from mobile now days become popular for Jio services. However watching videos is good choice whenever you traveling or listening alone songs, remix, DJ, hip-hop and many more choices that already have yet but some thing is missing on Stock Youtube App and is that background music playback.

What is Youtube Vanced v13.23.59 Latest Apk?

YouTube Vanced v13.23.59

YouTube Vanced v13.23.59 Free Download For Android 2018, YouTube Vanced is a modified version of YouTube which allows a user to play music or videos in the background. This is one of the best mod available for YouTube official app. You can unlock some special features of YouTube while using YouTube Vanced apk.

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YouTube Vanced v13.23.59 APK Features

*Block Ads

Well, one the most important thing about YouTube Vanced Apk is that it blocks ads shown on YouTube. So, you can watch your favorite video without worrying about Ads.

*Listen to Music In Background

As we all know, the application was developed in such a way that it can play videos in the background. Well, if you choose to work on other stuff over Android, then you can watch the music in the background.

*PIP Mode

Well, if you choose to use other application while watching YouTube videos, then you can use the Picture in Picture Mode feature. With this feature, you can watch YouTube videos at the same time while doing other stuff on Android

*Video Resolution

If you are using YouTube app or web interface for a while, then you will know that YouTube chooses resolution while considering the internet speed. However, this won’t be an issue with YouTube Vanced v 13.23.59 Apk because you can set a default video resolution to watch YouTube videos.


YouTube Vanced Apk comes with many theme options which can completely transform the interface and the look of the app. You can choose theme colors from White, Black, Dark etc as per your choice on YouTube Vanced.

*Set Default Video

Default playing video can be set easily. This feature basically plays videos on the list automatically, so, you don’t need to click again and again on the video to play it. The video will play in the repeat mode.

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How to Install Youtube Venced v13.23.59 APK

Step 1. No doubt is that first you need to enable Unknown Sources. 

Settings > Security > Unknown Sourcesand enable it. Now install YouTube Vanced apk.

Title Version Architecture MinimumAPI DPI Size
MicroG for Vanced (New) 0.2.4-105 All All All 2.69 MB (2,823,561 bytes)

   [Updated] Download Micro G Latest v0.2.4-105

Step 2. Then you need to download Micro G and install Micro apk from logging into your Account.

Step 3. Login to your account and then select your preferred color by going through Settings > Vanced Settings > Layout Settings.

YouTube Vanced v13.23.59

Download Youtube Venced v13.23.59

  Non Root (arm64) Download Youtube Venced v13.23.59 BLACK

  Non Root (arm64) Download Youtube Venced v13.23.59 DARK

   Root Magisk-Download Youtube Venced v13.23.59 Latest



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